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Garage Door Shop Repairs Berkeley, CA 510-833-7090In the past, manually opening and closing your garage door was the norm. Now most people use garage door openers, remote devices that are convenient and much less work. If they quit working, call us at Garage Door Shop Repairs. We can fix or replace the opener. The work needs to be done using quality parts, or they will soon need repair again. We stock a wide range of openers and remotes.

Many homeowners regularly get entry into their home through the garage. An automatic garage door opener makes this simple. At Garage Door Shop Repairs, we have a wide range of openers to choose from, suitable for every budget. We have dependable models at affordable prices, as well as very high tech models with an array of features. We are the only service company in and around Berkeley, CA to provide high quality products at an unmatchable price.

Whatever your choice, we will provide a free estimate that includes the price of the mechanism as well as all necessary services. Our trained technicians will come to your home or business to install it, answer your questions and show you how it works.