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Garage Door Shop Repairs Berkeley, CA 510-833-7090Call Garage Door Shop Repairs when you need repairs or adjustments made to your current garage door. Don’t wait for the problem to go away. Instead it will just get worse. The problem with small issues is that they become big ones and cost more to fix. Instead of letting that happen, contact us quickly so we can get it repaired.

This makes more sense than trying to repair it yourself. Garage doors are complex components. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the work can be dangerous because they are heavy and have springs under high tension. It is easy for someone to get hurt in the process of trying to fix it. In the long run, it makes more sense to call us first. For one thing, it gets expensive having to call us to fix your repair. The trained crew at Garage Door Shop Repairs knows how to fix it right the first time, safely and securely. We have the equipment and skill to get your door repaired without delay.

If your door is showing signs of strain, call our technicians to inspect it and make the necessary repairs. If you don’t repair it in a timely manner, it will eventually quit working completely. The experts at Garage Door Shop Repairs have years of experience fixing garage doors for homes and businesses in the Berkeley, CA, saving them time and money. We want to help you too.

Garage Door Inspections

The mechanisms on a garage door are complicated, involving numerous moving parts. They look simple but they aren’t. If one piece quits working, the entire door can stop opening and closing. That is why many homes and businesses schedule routine inspections done by the professionals at Garage Door Shop Repairs. They can check all aspects of the door, ensuring that it functions the way it is supposed to, safely and easily.

During an inspection, experts will examine each part, including the remote, springs on both sides, tracks, cables, and each piece of hardware. They check for signs of wear, anything abnormal, serious breaks and odd sounds.

Every piece of your garage door needs to synchronize with every other part for it to operate effectively. That’s why inspectors look at every section. If they see something not right, they will let you know, repair it or suggest follow-up work. Routine maintenance includes replacing parts that are worn, adding oil to reduce friction and noise, tightening loose bolts and adjusting the tension on the springs. These adjustments will make your door last longer and operate much more efficiently.

Damaged Doors

Garage doors can break for a variety of reasons, including damage from an accident and regular wear and tear over the years. Whatever the cause, your door may stop opening and closing the way it should. This compromises its safety, reduces its ability to keep your car and possessions secure and makes your life harder.

Don’t wait if you have a damaged garage door. Call the experts at Garage Door Shop Repairs. We can get out fixing it the same day. Our experts will get out to your home or business quickly and repair the problem without wasting time. For emergency calls, we are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have to miss that special event or important appointment. Call us and we will come out right away. If the cause of the problem is your garage door opener, we can repair that too.

The experts at Garage Door Shop Repairs are able to fix just about every brand of garage door that is in the market. We have the experience to handle any kind of malfunction, damage or repair issue. We are here to help and can get your garage door back to prime working condition quickly.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

The track for your garage door keeps it opening and closing correctly. If it is not on the track, the door may not work efficiently, or at all.

It isn’t that hard for a garage door to leave its track. Cables can break from an accident or due to wear and tear. Doors can get off the track when cables get wet or due to the heat or the cold. Often it will break on just one side, and it usually happens as you are raising the door. Another thing that will cause the problem is something blocking it when you try to close it. If you force the door, it will leave the track.

Whatever the cause, a garage door off track won’t operate as it should. As soon as you notice the problem, call the experts at Garage Door Shop Repairs. Our professional garage door technicians can get it back on track so the garage door will open and close properly and safely.

If it comes off track, don’t attempt to repair the door yourself. This type of work needs the right tools and training in order to do the job correctly and safely. If the repair isn’t done right, it will eventually destroy the entire garage door mechanism. It can be a danger to people and pets, to your car and to your possessions. The best choice is to contact the professionals at Garage Door Shop Repairs so we can quickly get your garage door back on its tracks. This will ensure your safety and security, and cost less than replacing the entire mechanism.